School Academics

Exam And Result
The school has adopted the CCE system for each and every student during whole session. According to this system every students is assessed by the teachers day to day about its academic performance and extra curricular activation. every student is assessed by four formative assessments (two FAs - FA1 & FA2 in term I and two FAs -FA3 & FA4 in term II ) and two summative assessments (SA I & SA II ).

Schedule of the assessments are as follows:-
Academic session is divided into terms:
* First Formative (MAY)
* Second Formative (AUGUST)
* Third Formative (NOVEMBER)
* Fourth Formative (JANUARY)

Continuous comprehensive evaluation at all levels. Summative evaluation is done, one in each term, from class 1st onwards.
* First Summative (SEPTEMBER)
* Second Summative (MARCH)

  • School News

    Admissions open for Class Nursery to Class XI

    Class XII result was declared on 30/07/2021 Top scorer- Ashish Atri (91.2%)

    Class X result was declared on 03/08/2021 Top scorer- Priya Malik (95.6%)

    Wish you all a Merry Christmas!